Takako J. Ainsworth LCSW
Takako J. Ainsworth LCSW
Life is in constant change. Even change we have wanted can challenge us to adjust. When the change is unwanted or we are not relating to it in a balanced way it is more difficult to move through and stay balanced. I assist clients to find happiness within, by regaining balance in the ebb and flow of life experiences.

Message from Takako

私のセラピーの信念は、人が幸せになるために重要なことはハーモニー/調和だということです。 オーケストラのチェロ奏者としての経験を通して、人生と音楽とが似ていることに気がつきました。人生も音楽と同様に、不協和音を時に起こすこともありますが、自分の”音”を知らなければ調和はとれません。しかし、自分の音のみに集中しすぎて周りとの調和を忘れると、ハーモニーが崩れてしまいます。つまり、周りの”音”を聞きながら全てのものとの調和がとれた時、人生という豊かなオーケストラが奏でられるのです。



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  • Psychology Today
  • Member of Sandplay Therapists of America (STA)
  • Member of Association for Play Therapy (APT)

“Thank you so much for everything. I would have never been able to care for my father without all your teaching. I don’t know if you realize how great you are. You always made us feel like we were your only clients and you were here just for us. I just don’t have the words to thank you enough.”
“I cannot express how much of a burden has been lifted my shoulders! Life is short and precious. That Takako helps others says volumes about her character. She has been an “angel” to my family.”